‚Äč        TUNING
Playing great sounding drums is fun and inspirational. Conversely, playing drums that are Out Of Tune can be frustrating and discouraging. Whether you want to learn to tune your own drums or have them tuned for you at your convenience, I CAN HELP!!
Tuning drums can be very challenging. So many variables exist that dictate the process and the outcome of the drum tuning experience. Over the years, through trial and error, many instructional videos, and numerous conversations with other drum teachers and students alike, I have gained the knowledge and the tools to successfully tune drums. Variables such as the quality of your drums, the condition of the bearing edges and hoops, and the heads you use are important to understand BEFORE you make the investment of your time and money. After inspection and head selection, seating and tuning can commence. Many different circumstances determine approach and solutions to the challenges that arise. We will cross that proverbial bridge when we get to it at the time of service, as all drums and personal preferences vary.
I am often asked about how a drum kit should be set up. Generally speaking there is no right or wrong way to set up your drums. As a rule, being comfortable should be the guideline. However, there are many suggestions I will present that may better suit you for one reason or another. For example, factors such as your height, reach, and pedal technique determine how far back from the bass drum you sit;  at what height your drums, throne, and cymbals should be set. Together,  we can set your drums up to meet your specs! 
$40.00 per hour
I can come to you, or you can bring them to McNeil Music in Binghamton, N.Y.