Lesson Price  $20 per half hour lesson (one lesson per week) 4 lessons a month = $80
*If a month has 5 lesson days the price for that month is $100*

Payments  are due in full at the last lesson of each month for the following months lessons.
For example, December's lessons are to be paid for in the last week of November.

Rules  To reserve your lesson each week you must adhere to the following policies:
If you cannot make your lesson for any reason payment is still expected for the lesson. If I can find an opening the following week you will be granted a make up lesson. If no time is available you will forfeit the lesson.

A phone call (to me personally, not to McNeil Music) is expected for any cancellation. If you fail to notify me of a cancellation no make up lesson will be granted.

If schools are canceled due to weather and McNeil's is open, then lessons will be in session. If McNeil's is closed then you will be given a make up lesson.

If you are going on vacation and notify me one month in advance, you will be charged only for the lessons you will be attending.



Located at McNeil Music

4517 Old Vestal Road

Binghamton NY 13901

Phone 607-760-1304

Chad has been playing drums for over twenty-four years and has an Associates Degree in Music from Broome Community College. He has studied under Joe Roma, Tony Monforte, Craig Oakley, Eric Peters, Peter Boris, and Joel Smales to name a few. Dean has been playing with other musicians for nineteen years and started teaching in 1999. As a session drummer for Mansion Audio Productions, Dean has had the opportunity to play a variety of different music such as, country, rock, pop, metal and jazz. His imagination and resources are unlimited. Dean is currently a member of  Root/Rock band Digger Jones,  Country/Rock band Hummel's Jug and R&B artist Elissa Case . He has recorded his debut  album No More Dream, and owns Backbone Audio.

Pricing & Policies

Chad J. Dean School of Drumming 607-760-1304